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  • Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Cocoon Tee

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Save the Sea Lions from being hunted, losing little ones because they don't have enough swim lessons, these guys need a break. Let's help them catch those zebras, who wear super cute suits of black and white, and get back in the game!

Color: heather grey

Composition: Modal® is a fiber spun from beech wood so it’s 100% natural. Beech groves regenerate themselves without planting or irrigation, so Modal is also a completely green, sustainable fiber. Even the solvents used during the production process are easily recycled, and the by-products are used in other products.

Benefits: Modal® is soft, smooth with a silky appearance. It’s 50% more water-absorbent than cotton, and is chemical, moth and mildew resistant. One of the key advantages is its high tensile strength. Textiles made from Modal don’t fibrillate or pill like cotton, and are resistant to shrinkage and color fading.

Washing instructions: hand wash, lay flat to dry

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